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All baths can be booked while your pet is boarding, or outside of boarding by appointment. Please book all grooming appointments at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  

Every bath includes a nail trim, ear cleaning, regular brush out, and a bandana.

Every groom includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, inner ear hair removal, cut or trim, brush out, and bandana.


Bath Rates

Small short hair $16.00 and up

Small long hair $18.00 and up

Medium short hair $24.00 and up

Medium long hair $28.00 and up

Large short hair $33.00 and up

Large long hair $36.00 and up

Extra large $40.00 and up

Grooming Rates

Small $55.00 & up

Medium $68.00 & up

Large $75.00 & up


Additional Services

Dremel nails $5.00-$15.00

Paw trim $5.00-$10.00

Nail trim only $10.00-$15.00

Shed-less treatment $8.00 per 15 min

Seasonal shampoo $2.00-$4.00

Medicated shampoo $2.00-$4.00        

In-between trim $10.00-$25.00


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