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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

All reservations are taken via our phone number (724)-348-2239. We DO NOT accept reservations via email or Facebook messenger. Call any time and please leave a message including your name, how many and what kind of pet you have, and your boarding dates. You will receive a call back from us to answer any questions and confirm your dates.

Do you have someone on site 24/7? 

          Yes, the owner lives on the property.

What should I bring with my pet?

All pets: First time boarders must send vaccination records, and updated ones should be sent when they expire. We provide dishes for food and water, and blankets for their pens. We have a fridge for any food that needs to be kept refrigerated. 

Dogs: Please bring food, treats, toys, and/or bones (bully sticks or marrow bones). For first time boarders, we recommend bringing a shirt or something with your scent on it from home to make them feel more comfortable. 

Cats: Please bring food, treats, and/or toys.

What is the minimum age of boarding my dog?

The minimum age we take dogs is typically 3 months. Once they have their Rabies Vaccination along with Distemper/Parvovirus and Bordetella we can book your dogs stay.

How soon should I book my pets reservation?

We strongly suggest booking your pets stay when you plan your vacation to assure we have space. Summer and holidays book up quickly along with suites and condos all year round.

What records does my pet need to board?

Dogs will need to have the Distemper/Parvo (DAPP/DHLPP), Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations. Cats require Feline Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies vaccinations. We require a vaccination certificate and a rabies certificate. The rabies certificate must have the tag number, lot number, vet signature listed.  Please send them by fax or email before your stay with us. If you do not, you must have both physical hard copies from the vet to be able to board with us. You CANNOT board without correct vaccinations records.

Do you offer daycare?

Yes, we offer daycare year round Monday through Thursday. September until mid-May we offer daycare Monday through Saturday. One dog is $25 and two dogs in the same family is $45 for the day. This includes playtime, and the drop off and pick up times are the same as regular kennel hours. 

What is a trial night?

A trial night is an over night stay to help acclimate your pet to the kennel. These are done Monday thru Thursday and you are only charged a one night fee. Trial nights are required for any diabetic pet that takes insulin, any pet 6 years and older who has not boarded with us before, and any pet with behavioral problems like reactivity, fear, or aggression. We strongly recommend trial nights for dogs who may be stressed or anxious when separated from their owners. 

Is the kennel air conditioned and heated?

Yes, the kennel is air conditioned in the warmer months and heated in the cooler months.

What’s the difference between playtime and one on one time?

Playtime is letting them outside to go into a large fenced in yard with us or other dogs to play for about 30 minutes. Playtime for cats is letting them outside of their pens to socialize and play in the office individually before kennel hours. One on one time is for dogs that do not typically like to be outside or play much and just want belly rubs and attention indoors.

How often do the dogs go outside?

Dogs go outside four times daily. They are let out twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Playtime is an additional half hour outside each time.

Do you distribute daily medications?

Yes, we distribute up to 2 medications twice per day with no charge. This does include insulin for an additional fee ($4-$10 a day). Anything over two medications will be an extra charge of $0.50 per medication per dose. Medications should be packaged separately from your pet's food.

Can I tour the kennel? 

Yes, you can tour Monday thru Saturday during our open hours. No appointment needed, but we do appreciate if you call ahead. Do not bring your pet with you.

What size are the pens the dogs stay in?

Regular pens are 3x4 feet inside, and the outdoor run is 4x17 feet.

Suites are 4x7 feet inside, and the outdoor run is 8x17 feet.

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