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 Additional Services

Playtime for Dogs

Playtime is an additional 30 minutes outside for your dog(s) in our fenced in play yard. You can choose for your dog to play with one of us, or we can pair them up with another dog of the same size and temperament. Once a day playtime is $7 per day or $12 for twice a day.

Services for Dogs

Peanut Butter Bone as an extra treat and stimulation activity ($2 per bone)

Doggy Ice Cream ($2 per treat)

Sniff and Search is a fun, stimulating, sensory activity for dogs to find treats we hide for them. ($7 per game)

We sell treats, toys, bully sticks, and more for your pup in our front office so you can get them a souvenir for their vacation too! 

Playtime for Cats

Cat playtime is in the office before we open. Your cat can watch the birds in the office, play with one of the staff members, and receive lots of love. Playtime is $5 per day.

One on One Time

One on one time is for the dogs that do not enjoy playing outside, but just like spending time with people. Your dog will get to go out of their pen to spend extra time with the staff, and receive cuddles and all the attention they need. ($7 per day)

Services for Cats

Cat Nip Playtime: 

Your cat will get to spend time in the office with a scratch mat, catnip, and toys. They get to take their favorite toy home with them! ($5 per playtime)

Paw Print Keepsake

Have a special memento made for your pet! We will imprint your pet's pawprint into white clay for you to keep. Can be used as decor, a gift, or a Christmas ornament. $12

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